Tuesday, January 30, 2007


When illuminating a person who close to one is determined deep one is natural that it appears a dense shade very. It is advisable to ask for to the person to lean themselves against the deep one or to move away themselves about 2 meters.


When for backwards of a person we have a glass window or a mirror is natural that they appear reflected ackward in the photo. The ideal is to pull the curtains of the window or then to want exactly that the mirror appears in the photo not to photograph of front for the mirror but in diagonal line.


Another one of the functions of the flash is to congeal the movement. Many times in photograph of sport to guarantee that objecto in movement is frozen use many times exactly the flash in broad daylight.

Technique of Fill-in

This technique is used in different situations: when we have a deep person with very shining, when we intend to gain detail or to get the colors when we photograph to the shade days. In the first case we use the flash to diminish the contrast of the scene and in as to increase it.

Technique Fill-In of Slow Sincronization

This technique is identical to the previous one but with one nuance, to use a low time of exposition. This technique very is used in photographs of people in the interior, to the one put-of - sun, scenes nocturn, sport where the subject that if moves is with a track behind giving a beautiful notion of movement.

Effect Red Eyes

The effect of the red eyes appears when the light of flash when entering in the eyes, is reflectida and when leaving new for the part of the front it discloses the vases sanguineous.

Tips to prevent the red eyes:

-To use the function of máquinda for the effect.
-To approach to the person. The light when entering will more obliquely not be reflectida onward.
-To try to increase the surrounding, if possible light. To light an oil lamp, to approach the people of a window. The retina will go to close.
-To ask for to ace people not to look at directamente for chamber.
-To move away the flash from the objetive. For compact chambers reflex and with connection possibility the external flash.

When Disconnect the Flash

It has certain photographers that they are not apologists of the flash use, say that he takes off atmosphere to the photograph. In certain cases it is truth. For example, in a rock concert all the atmosphere of the illumination of palco if would lose if we used flash. Normally the professional photographers of this type of events prefer to use a ISO higher than to use flash.
Other situations where if it will have disconnect are when photographing a scene city dweller at night or with fire of artifice. Some chambers allow exposition times up to 1 minute or more (function B or Bulb). Advisable the tripod use.